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Bolegg Terrace – Vencomatic


The Bolegg Terrace is designed like a tree, this helps in vertical movement of the hens. Without encountering any obstacles the hens can move within the system and over its full length and they do not need to fly from one row to another. 

The Grando nest is located in the heart of the Bolegg Terrace. Every morning hens descend from the perch to drink, eat and lay their eggs. This minimises eggs laid outside of the nest. 


Hired Hand Super XL Poultry Heating




Grando Nest – Vencomatic



The Grando nest is made of durable and hygienic materials. The nest design allows for quick assembly and access to the essential elements for maintenance and cleaning.

These principles are also applied throughout the nests integrated in Vencomatic’s aviary systems.

The nest is designed to be used with the Tipping Floor and the Egg Belt. This can be extended with the Vencobelt and VencoslatWith these innovations you collect your hatching eggs in perfect condition.



Hired Hand Super XL Poultry Features

Direct spark models available 225,000 BTU or
High temp aluminized steel burn chamber.
Side swing door for easy access and maintenance.
Diagnostic lights for troubleshooting ease.
Standard adjustable “Y” heat deflector.
1/3 HP totally enclosed thermally protected motor with sealed bearings.
Standard 1/2″ gas cock installed at gas valve.
Back-up safety sail switch.
High limit safety switch manual reset.
On/Off toggle switch.
Stainless steel, high altitude & CE certified models available.
Service-Saver enclosed control box.
All Super-Saver heaters are available in natural gas or liquid propane models.
All Super-Saver heaters feature a heavy-duty construction for years of dependable service.



The “Service-Saver” enclosed electrical control unit is sealed from debris such as dust and moisture and is accessible through a side swinging door making the unit easily field serviceable by the grower.



The side swinging door design gives easy access to internal components like the “Super-Saver” control unit and blower motor, making it one of the easiest-to-service heaters on the market.